A world-leading game AI platform

What is GamesMind?

GamesMind leverages latest artificial intelligence technologies and provides comprehensive and precise services of analysis, recommendation, and prediction.

GamesMind's Core Technology

Neural Network

Powered by deep neural network models capable of universal approximation.

Player Modeling

Characterize the skills of different players in high dimensional spaces.

Accurate Prediction

AI foreknows the game outcome way ahead of the ending.

Intelligent Recommendation

Intelligence with vast experiences assists you and leads you to victory.

Products and Use Cases


DotaMind is a match prediction platform. The diversity of data and the accurate win-rate prediction results can expose many unique insights into team and inter-team performance.

In-game Prediction

Win probability and hero performance scores evaluate game situations.

Pre-game Insights

Role prediction and ban/pick recommendation from the beginning.

Live Streaming

Real-time data feed accompanied by commentary broadcasting.

Comprehensive Data

Omniscient dashboard with a timeline of events, anytime playback supported.

Products and Use Cases

DotaMind Pro

Customizable Assistant

Private data source and custom interface support for professionals.

Dedicated Service

On-demand stream from Dota2 client, live match or replay.


Cooperation Partners

GamesMind's customized analysis service have been applied to Dota2 and many other game partners, covering 1.5 millions+ users per month.

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Do you want to try the latest artificial intelligence? Do you want to enjoy the integrated gaming experience? Or do you want to invest in the future of science and technology? GamesMind welcomes your consultation by email at contact@gamesmind.com all the time!